20151027_111102Bethany M graphsnow angles 1.1620140811_101541Woodlawn Preschool is a safe, secure, & fun place to learn and discover.

Woodlawn Preschool

Arts and Imagination

Block play and construction

Color recognition and cutting skills

Dance and movement

Dress up and role play

Music and puppet shows

Small motor development.

Woodlawn Preschool


Counting, measuring & weighing

Shape and size recognition

Sorting, comparing, patterning

Spatial relationships, puzzles.

Woodlawn Preschool


Bilingual support

Fostering a love of books and reading

Language & vocabulary development

Letter recognition and listening skills.

Woodlawn Preschool


Classification and five senses

Develop awareness of our world

Health and nutrition

Observing cause and effect

Plants, animals, and weather

Safety & community helpers.

Woodlawn Preschool

Social Science

Cooperative learning

Home and family

Nurture positive self-concept & self-esteem

Socialization and positive peer interactions

Seasons and holidays

Similarities and differences.

Woodlawn Preschool