The 2016-17 Rates are Now Available With Longer Hours Available

Woodlawn Preschool is now enrolling for Fall preschool. 

Hours of operation is 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. M-F

Woodlawn has programming for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Woodlawn has enrichment care before and after school for children ages 3 to 12. Children must be 3 by September 1st to  attend. 

Woodlawn Preschool provides services also for the Calhoun 3’s Scholarship Program and CISD Great Start Readiness Program 4’s as well as its own tuition program. 

Reminder snow day, enrichment care and vacation day coverage is open to any family in our area.

Our monthly tuition rates for the

2016-17 school year!

2 Day Session = $140

3 Day Session = $195

5 Day Session = $325

Enrichment before and after school cost is $3.50 an hour.

Enrichment time, snow day and vacation day coverage is available before and after our preschool sessions and during breaks. It is open to any child. You do not need to attend our preschool to use these services. The cost is $3.50 an hour so give us a call. 269 963 7334    Woodlawn Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the fall of 2016.

Please contact the office for more information and an updated registration form.

You can also download and print the online forms.

If you are interested in registration for the current year, that is still available. Please contact the office for complete information and the registration form.


Woodlawn Preschool is a quality rated program with 4 stars AND IS ENROLLING NOW!

You can find out more about the quality rating system at www.greatstartforkids.org20140508_133210

Woodlawn offers preschool services  for children ages 2 1/2 turning 3 by Sept. 1st and children to age's Day 1 JD room

In addition, Woodlawn offers before and after school care for any child in the community ages 3 to 12. Our snow day and vacation room is open when area schools are closed. Families must enroll in advance photo 4 (4)to use this separate service from the preschool.  Woodlawn is open 7am to 6pm M-F.

Last week of Summer Camp services is August 16th and ends on August 19th

We had a great time in our Park week last week. We had a play day at the playground at Prairieview, then we had our own Olympics, then we went to Bailey Park and played on that incredible playground.  We want to show you some pictures, so click on the button, but come back because we have more to tell you!


Tropical Week Was Great Funtr1

We learned about the tropical climate and enjoyed our own tropical experience. tr2We tried some new foods, learned about tropical animals, had a picture taken in our own tropical setting and sent the picture  souvenir home from our great “trip”. We rode a school bus to the YMCA to swim.

birdturtleAloha until the fall!


This is the last of our Summer Camp fun for this summer.

We have had an exciting 9 weeks of new experiences and we have learned a lot of new things while having so much fun we didn’t even know we were learning things!

super heroe class 201620160614_095740


As our summer season comes to a close, we all enjoyed our time together learning and we had so much fun. We have had new experiences, and learned new things. Special thanks to BCCF for granting us field trip funds to go to some great places in our community.

We have so many really good memories. It’s maybe even a little sad for it all to come to an end, but end it must, so remember the good times.

Woodlawn Preschool will be closed at the end of this week,  for a few weeks.

We will be very busy as we do things like maintenance on our buildings, and planning and setting up for our new school year.  We have some big plans, and a lot of work to do. We will be ready!

It’s time now for all parents to get their children registered for the new season.  We have openings in our two preschool buildings, and are excitedly awaiting all our old and new friends to come and join us.  Our office will be fully staffed while we are closed, so call, come in,or  go to the Registration forms menu heading to get to the forms, and let’s prepare for the new school year.

Remember our before and after school services as well as our snow day and vacation room are open to any child. You do not need to attend our preschool to use those services for ages 3 to 12.


We went to the park!

This week is park week, and on Tuesday, we went over to Prairieview, just to play. It was really fun, but then…..

We had our own Olympics!

On Wednesday we went over to Prarieview again, and had our own competition

With medals and everything!

Thursday we are going to Baily Park

We will leave about 9:30, and be back in time for lunch.  We are traveling by school bus, because our kids think that is really fun. They have the best playground there.

Woodlawn Preschool Board is Filling a Slot

If you would like to know more about serving on the volunteer Governing Board of Woodlawn Preschool, contact Pattie Walter at 269 963 7334 to discuss.

Camp Week was August 2-4

We experienced camping this week!

camp fire with flames and rocks around the fireSleeping outdoors,  eating s’mores!sitting inside tent camping

Exploring the woods

Making friends with new creatures!

The children enjoyed our camp setting and learn what camping is like.

oThe Calhoun Sheriff Dept. brought their boat to speak to children on water safety and how they can help someone in trouble on the water.

Boy Scouts visited to discuss camping and what they will learn in Scouts.

Cool Mama ice cream provided ice cream treats courtesy of Endeavor Schools.





Zoo Animals Week.

Animals and our experience with them enrich our lives. We love our pets, our dogs and cats, our turtles and fish, but the zoo gives us the experience of the animals from all around the world.  This week our children learned about the worlds animals.  We hope we instilled an appreciation for all life, and of the vast variety of life our world holds.

Bring your children for our  three remaining weeks of summer camp and enjoy the valuable experiences your child will have.

Camps are T-W-TH  from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 can call the office at 963-7334, or stop by at 1175 Territorial, to register your children.  You can bring them for 1 week, or all the rest of the summer. We’re looking forward to this week of fun, and your children joining us.

Animals at the Zoo,Camp week and Park Week

The week of July 26 we will be focusing on Animals at the Zoo. Come and join us.

Our camp week of August 2 the Sheriff Dept will be here to show us their boat.

The camps will be going to Bailey Park on August 11 by bus. Lunch is included.

July 20 was the Kingman Museum trip

Children visited Kingman Museum to learn about dinosaurs. They were able to see all kind of things regarding dinosaurs as well as visit the rest of the museum. Children went on a school bus and then returned on the bus for lunch. Thank BCCF for supporting this trip.

Camp Week August 2-4th-Sheriff Dept Then Brought Their Boat and the Boy Scouts will Visit Too!

Our fifth week of Summer Camp, and we had had SO much fun.  Last week was Messy Week, and boy what a mess!


Thrilling      Exciting     Fascinating 


allosaurusDinosaurs in the classroom.  Dinosaurs in the gym.  Dinosaurs outside. Dinosaurs everywhere!



AND, we went to Kingman museum!

The trip was on Wednesday, and the children saw all the amazing displays, the instructors did teach them all about dinosaurs.

styracosaurus It was an exciting experience.


All children are always welcome. If you would like your child to go with us, you can bring them for one week or all in our summer camp program. Our camps are not expensive, and give your child great summer memories, as well as continue their education.

Our activities camp days were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We had 4 more weeks after Dinosaur Week . We then had Zoo Week, Camping Week, Park Week, and Tropical Fun Week. What a great summer.


aucasaurusEveryone was rushing to go!

Summer Camp weeks to come

Summer Camp has been so much fun this year.

We are looking forward to the next six weeks.

Week 4- Sticky, Messy week. Come dressed to get dirty!

Week 5 Dinosaurs, we will be going to Kingman Museum and Leila Arboretim

super heroe class 2016Week 6 Animals at the Zoo.

Week 7 Camping Week.

Week 8 Park Week traveling to Bailey Park to play on the playground

Week 9 Tropical Fun and swim at the YMCA

Each week will have it’s own fun and surprises. Food, Games, Field trips  are scheduled. It is not too late to sign up. Children can still come , it’s open for all children between the ages of 4 and 9. Children can come for one or all weeks. DHS Childcare assistance is accepted as a part of your payment.

The Battle Creek Community Foundation has provided funds for field trips so come and join the fun.