The 2016-17 Rates are Now Available With Longer Hours Available

Reminder snow day, enrichment care and vacation day coverage is open to any family in our area.

Our monthly tuition rates for the

2016-17 school year!

2 Day Session = $140

3 Day Session = $195

5 Day Session = $325

Enrichment before and after school cost is $3.50 an hour.

Enrichment time, snow day and vacation day coverage is available before and after our preschool sessions and during breaks. It is open to any child. You do not need to attend our preschool to use these services. The cost is $3.50 an hour so give us a call. 269 963 7334    Woodlawn Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the fall of 2015.

Please contact the office for more information and an updated registration form.

You can also download and print the online forms.

If you are interested in registration for the current year, that is still available. Please contact the office for complete information and the registration form.





We’re Looking at Zoo animals this week.

Animals and our experience with them enrich our lives. We love our pets, our dogs and cats, our turtles and fish, but the zoo gives us the experience of the animals from all around the world.  This week our children will learn about the worlds animals.  We hope to instill an appreciation for all life, and of the vast variety of life our world holds.

Bring your children this week for this valuable experience.

It’s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and you can call the office at 963-7334, or stop by at 1175 Territorial, to register your children.  You can bring them for 1 week, or all the rest of the summer. We’re looking forward to this week of fun, and your children joining us.

Animals at the Zoo,Camp week and Park Week

The week of July 26 we will be focusing on Animals at the Zoo. Come and join us.

Our camp week of August 2 the Sheriff Dept will be here to show us their boat.

The camps will be going to Bailey Park on August 11 by bus. Lunch is included.

Today, July 20 is the Kingman Museum trip

Parents are to have children at school at 9:00 a.m. Children will visit Kingman Museum and learn about dinosaurs. Children will go on a school bus and then return on the bus for lunch and dismissal and the afternoon for some children.

Camp Week Number 5!

It’s our fifth week of Summer Camp, and we have had SO much fun.  Last week was Messy Week, and boy what a mess!  This week we have….


Thrilling      Exciting     Fascinating 


allosaurusDinosaurs in the classroom.  Dinosaurs in the gym.  Dinosaurs outside. Dinosaurs everywhere!



AND, we will be going to Kingman museum!

The trip will be on Wednesday, and the children will not only see all the amazing displays, but there will be instructors to teach them all about dinosaurs.

styracosaurus It will be an exciting experience.


All children are welcome. If you would like your child to go with us, you can bring them for this week, or any other of our summer camp weeks.  It’s not expensive, and will give your child great summer memories, as well as continue their education.

Our activities are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We have 4 more weeks to go. We will have Zoo Week, Camping Week, Park Week, and Tropical Fun Week.


aucasaurusEveryone is rushing to go!


Thank you everyone that helped to make our fundraiser a success.

Summer Camp weeks to come

Summer Camp has been so much fun this year.

We are looking forward to the next six weeks.

Week 4- Sticky, Messy week. Come dressed to get dirty!

Week 5 Dinosaurs, we will be going to Kingman Museum and Leila Arboretim

super heroe class 2016Week 6 Animals at the Zoo.

Week 7 Camping Week.

Week 8 Park Week traveling to Bailey Park to play on the playground

Week 9 Tropical Fun and swim at the YMCA

Each week will have it’s own fun and surprises. Food, Games, Field trips  are scheduled. It is not too late to sign up. Children can still come , it’s open for all children between the ages of 4 and 9. Children can come for one or all weeks. DHS Childcare assistance is accepted as a part of your payment.

The Battle Creek Community Foundation has provided funds for field trips so come and join the fun.

The Super Heros were here!

We had super powered fun!





Flying High

The children have enjoyed making kites, and their own planes. We even had a cut out plane to fly. We are in a great location to watch hot air balloons and Thunderbirds fly over during the Field of Flight Activities at the airport.

We walked to the Prairieview Elementary playground this week to swing and climb. Woodlawn Preschool is part of the Meet Up and Eat summer food program and we have picnic tables to sit outside and enjoy lunch. The program accepts DHS Childcare Assistance.


Foster Grandparent honored

Eva Morris is the Woodlawn Preschool Foster Grandparent from the Community Action Foster Grandparent program. Today was the annual luncheon held for all the grandparents. Eva has been assigned at the Woodlawn Preschool program for five years.

Pattie Walter, Executive Director and Eva enjoyed the luncheon on June 16thEva Morris and Pattie at luncheon June 2016.

Thanks Eva for being a part of our program.

Kickball Classic is this Sunday July 24th at Bailey Park

Reminder the annual Kickball Classic sponsored by Lakeview Ford will be on July 24th at Bailey Park in Battle Creek. This free event is open for the community to watch starting at noon. The funds support the CIR program. The Woodlawn Preschool staff will be attending the grill and prepping hot dogs and refreshments for all the teams. Come on out and enjoy a fun day.

Teams compete from 11:30 a.m. to around 3:00 p.m.